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P. Seed Drill with additional seed processing wheel - T-PNM-8-GS
Product ID:1023
Product Code:20707001
Short Description:
Additional seed processing wheel is designed for sowing cotton seeds, beet seeds and similar seeds that require additional processing.
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Minos Pneumatic seed drill, enables very easy seed sowing for produce such as corn, cotton, sunflower, beet, sugar, chickpea, bean, tomato, on the desired above-row and inter-row distances with a very low percentage of mirroring and spacing.

It has been designed as a multi-purpose product, which is adjustable to different conditions of land. Different kinds of seed discs can be chosen according to the type of produce that will be sown and it is very suitable for delicate cultivation.

With the help of the table within the gear box cover, one can easily choose the gear in accordance with the seed types and the above-row distance can be adjusted within a range from 2.9 cm to 41.7 cm.

High capacity seed and fertilizer boxes allow you to fertilize during the cultivation process, thus saving you both time and fuel.



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