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Minos Agri brand is the legacy of 75 years of experience in the agricultural mechanization industry. We have been manufacturing not only environment friendly but also user friendly farm equipments and implements since 1959 with our highly trained and experienced work force, state of the art technology and our know-how in the field.

Our products include; Rotary Tillers, Seed Drills, Inter Row Rotary Cultivators, Fertilizer Spreaders, Mulchers, ReaperBinder Machines, Maize Choppers, Rotary Mowers, Rotary Windrowers, Tedders, Mixed Machines, Subsoilers, Balers, Cultivators, Chisels, Disc Tillers used in agricultural works such as handling, fertilizing, sowing, harvesting and soil preparation pre-sowing period until planting.

Minos Agri USA follows the global technological advancements and strives to offer the best solutions and applications to farmers all around the world.

What makes Minos Agri different;

  • Capability to manufacture with competitive costs and flexible schedules
  • Competitive components/spare parts manufacturing
  • High quality standards in manufacturing
  • Availability of highly trained, qualified, young and dynamic work force
  • Flexible and long term contracts
  • High levels of technical expertise and commercial background
  • Widespread application of international management systems
  • Ability to adapt to changes in standards and conjecture, flexibility in production and delivery
  • Modern CAD/CAM systems
  • Modern process control systems
  • Continuous improvement in different applications
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